Saturday, September 9, 2017

Favourite 3-wheelers No.24

The practical side.
But many years ago, 50s, I reckon, Lambretta were producing these.
Going back to the 30s, Dr. Borgward was producing the Goliath 3 wheel truck.
Following WWII, Dr. Borgward was jailed for 3 years for producing surveillance remote control drones for the German army. At the same time Dr. Porsche made hundreds of these imitation tanks to make the allies uneasy.
He kept out of jail. The difference was the Borgward factory was in Bremen which became part of East Germany, the Porsche operation was in the West. Different minders.

Incidentally, talking about the practical side, here's one produced by the Scimitar mob, the 1950 Reliant Regal.

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