Saturday, July 23, 2016

What a pity.

Imagine what it'd be worth today.

From the Historic Racing Car Club of Tasmania.
This is the Peter Brock's 1975 Bathurst winning Torana after it was purchased by Tasmanian Roger Stanley, pictured here at Calder around 1977. Sad, sad end for the car, front end of it ended up on a speedway car the rest went to the tip after being written off on the road, previous to that it sat in a used car yard in Devonport for quite some time with a price tag of $8000 alas no one wanted it, the owner retrieved from the yard and binned it big time.


Herry jonson said...

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ss revolt said...

thats my father in that car,i had a few laps in it on his lap when i was a baby.i always thought this car was restored and was currently owned by a collector?

ss revolt said...

i just asked dad if he knew where the car was and yes unfortunately it was put back on the road and later wrapped around a pole,what a shame he sold it,i still have a lot of his racing stuff and even though i was only young i have many a fond memory of motors on our kitchen table and car parts everywhere.