Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pete G's friend's Geneer Outlaw.

The car has Porsche 356 running gear and was very competitive in Historic Sports racing, it weighs 200 kg less than a Porsche speedster. It has now been "outlawed" from historic events as it is supposed to be "over-developed". That's a bit hard to swallow considering Barry Coutts own car was powered by a 1720cc Porsche engine. Barry was the original manufacturer of the cars. The Outlaw was produced in sufficient numbers to become eligible for Marque Sports Car races back in the day. It's hard to believe there are no other survivors. There was a rumour of Volkspower in Sydney having one stuck away or they knew of one.

What I like most about the Geneer is that it differs from most other VW powered sporties as the engine does not hang out the back but sits between the cockpit and the transaxle. With the transaxle facing forward, its crown wheel has to be turned over to drive from the opposite side of the pinion. This is the layout used in Formula Vees, Barry Coutts produced 35 F-Vees before the Outlaw production. In fact the Outlaw's chassis was basically a widened Vee space frame.

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Alan White said...

I designed this car on Barry Coutts kitchen table. I was involved in building the plug for the moulds, and the car itself. I drew the badge and named it Outlaw. If you look at the badge you will find it is both ends of a 36 hp rocker cover.
I am now 78 yo and this was way back in my 20's