Friday, July 22, 2016


Their trucks rival the Jeepneys of the Philippines.
And while we're there, I'm intrigued to know what this sign says.

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Anonymous said...

The truck is a Rot Etan - often homebuilt truck on a used pick up chassis. This one is pretty flash so may be on new chassis - guy in Mae Sot opposite my brother in law's factory builds these with new chassis. Motor usually Kubota type 10 hp diesel motor and perhaps originally swapped between Khwai Lek "iron buffalo" and the truck. these things are all over Thailand however with the economy and standard of living vastly improving over last 10 years the small Jap tractors such as Kubotas are replacing them altho in rural Thailand they never throw away anything hence many Khwai Lek and Rot Etan still in the villages. In our village in NE many families still only have Khwai Lek and Rot Etan along with a motor bike as their only transport. Despite seeing hundreds on the road I have never seen one actually with registration. they are a moving obstacle on the roads as they do 45 Kph and normal traffic does 130+kph.

The bus is the internal bus at Silverlake Winery in Na Jomtien used for ferrying customers from one venue in the winery to the next - same thing is used in every similar tourist situation such as Nong Nooch garden down the road and, say, Jim Thomson Farm. The sticker asks them not to take photos and what got your attention was the sticker asking passengers to obey the government directives and not act immorally on the bus.