Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Couldn't get much more original than this.

Was on E-bay but quickly withdrawn before a single bid was made. Presumably a sale was reached outside the auction. Reserve was set at $24,500. It has been laid up for about 12 years.
The owner in Colac, Victoria, had this to say about it.
"Bolwell Mark 7 1966
True surviver - No body mod's - Factory car - Holden red 6 - Triumph 2000 4 speed gearbox - all original running gear - webber carby - All period correct running gear - Has been in storage for 12+ years - you wount find a untouch bolwell this day and age no body mod and all factory running gear a real gem.."


Anonymous said...

Original running gear, but it was a rotary!

John L said...

Is that really the rotary one? The old red motor looks pretty comfortable in there.