Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Grey stuff - 17.

Rick C. reminisces.....

I have been a lover of FX and FJ Holdens ever since I purchased my first FJ (GJT-502) second hand in 1967. I have owned many since ( about 13) but currently do not have one in the garage. Here are a couple of photos of my 1956 FJ reg. number 'FJ-225' taken in Rosedale Vic. in 1979 when petrol was 64 cents a GALLON. (4.5 litres at 15.25 cents per litre). I was bringing home an old truck to restore. It is a 1916 Albion 3 ton General Service chain drive truck which was actually used in WW1 in France and Belgium. Notice that the weight of the trailer was on a small dolly between the FJ and the trailer and the tool box on the trailer 'A' frame to balance things out. We were able to travel at around 50 miles an hour and returned more than 20 miles to the gallon. The grey motor had had a bit of work done to it and ran twin carbys and 'Jack Myers' headers. The wheels were 14" but with big diameter tyres to keep it on the road. This is the 1916 Albion after more than 5,000 hours restoration and it is the only WW1 Albion in Australia used in France and Belgium. The Albion weighs in at more than 3 tons and the trailer about 3/4 ton so a fair load for my FJ.

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