Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Baxendales' new baby.

1968 S800 coupe, 13,500 miles from new, 800cc, 4 carbies, roller bearing engine, needle roller gearbox, 9000 RPM, what's not to like?

This little coupe was one of the Hondas in the late Rex Howard's collection, as was Jim White's roadster.

At one stage Rex had the Zeta body moulds that supposedly ended up at the Birdwood Museum, although nobody at Birdwood knows where they are.


degruch said...

Rex passed away :( Had many a great conversation with Rex, not to mention a few spins in Zeta's, Honda's and the like...he was a very generous chap with his time to a young me.

Anonymous said...

4 Hondas, are the Bax's turning Japanese??

John L said...

No, just Hondaphiles.

Rob Schneider said...

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