Saturday, December 27, 2014


Dust and heat but a bit of fun nevertheless. Diverse, is how you would describe the cars entered. Quite a good roll out but would have been more if some of the low slung entries hadn't chickened out after seeing the course. This Ferrari saw it out as did a large contingent of Porsches.
The surface was mainly concrete on varying levels on what were the floors of wharf sheds that have been dismantled in anticipation of a future trendy development. Shipping containers were placed near sharp bends which did a good job of preventing cars ending up in the drink but there was a dash down the wharf edge in one spot.
The Coast Guard were waiting for any mishaps.
As far as I know they had a quiet day.
One vantage point was the hull of the world's oldest clipper ship across the way.
Delightful to see a couple of GTi-Rs.
Lots of photos of suspensions, under bonnet, interiors, roll cage etc. were taken and filed.
The flares on this 200SX looked neat.
There was the mandatory 240Z.
and a number of these GTRs.
but the most interesting Nissan was this Laurel.
a big powerful car driven with gusto.
If this is sounding like a Datto benefit, just remember there wasn't a Bolly in sight.
This X1/9 made me start thinking about scoops and wings on the Ikara again.
This Crown wagon wasn't the oldest car entered.
That title went to a 1962 Fiat 1500.
Here's a few other interesting cars (well, to me anyway).
Don't you like the number on this clubbie?
Obviously pleased to get Regency Park behind her or him.

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