Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not a Bolly in sight.

But the composite brigade was represented by these types.
Had to include the little Abarth with its carbon fibre panels. What a pocket rocket! I reckon you could have picked it up and put it in the boot of the Fleetwood parked next to it.
By coincidence, later that day, while driving from Macclesfield to Adelaide, we encounter, coming the other way, one of these bubble roof Abarths.
Never having seen one before, I'd love to get up close to one.


degruch said...

The Double Bubble owner is my boss...he's invited me to come drive it over the Christmas break! :D :D :D

John L said...

Get some photos.

degruch said...

Will do! He brought it in to work Friday, but I had the day off. Never mind, I can wait a few weeks to give it a spin :)