Saturday, December 13, 2014

A few famous Aussie specials.

Can you name them?
And can you think of a common thread?


Anonymous said...

Reckon the theme is Holden grey motor.
1 Centaur GT Waggott twin cam head
2 don't know
3 Lou Molina Monza Special
4 WM (Waggott Meyers) Special Twin Cam head
5 Don't know Buchanan body?
6 Crowfoot Holden Special
7 Sharp Holden Special
Thought #2 might be a Nedloh???
had fun researching that, wasted hours!

Anonymous said...

Wal Anderson's repco Buchanan, being restored in Melbourne.

John L said...

What about No.2? Not a Nedloh.

Unknown said...

# 2 is Nota-Din

John L said...

That's got them all. Only took 4 years.