Monday, June 13, 2011


Yesterday we went out to the dirt circuit. Took the CRX and went via Eudunda and then down the Dutton road. What a little rocketship! I think I could do with one of my own.
This Cortina flipped over and the Truro CFS and the ambulance were out there in a flash. The organisation is fantastic.
There's no mistaking Who's toilet is who's.
I was really taken by this beaut little car running in the open wheelers.
As you can see they run in both directions at Truro. Anyway, it has a Suzuki bike engine and revs like hell. Everything about it seems well built and it's so compact. A great concept.  It belongs to Ty Forrestal. Many years ago his mum used to sew race suits for me. With the clever design of Ty's car I'm wondering whether his dad, Phil, had a hand in it or does thinking outside the square run in the family. Phil was a Ford man and couldn't bring himself to build a speedway super saloon with the usual GM V8. He had a very nice 351 Windsor and built a decent chassis for it and clothed it with the outer panels of a Nagari coupe. He spent as much time doing the homework on this as he did building it. I don't recall that it ever hit the track but there were a couple of Nagaris running in speedway in Tasmania with great success (a husband and wife team). And, by the way, who can forget the Hughes speedway Pantera? That was almost unbeatable.

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degruch said...

The open-wheeler looks like a Hartnett sedan...I hope not, I've been looking for one of those for almost 30 years!