Wednesday, June 29, 2011

McArlus Cars - 25 - Ignition on!

Only a short update this time, as picture doesn’t really convey the significance of the event.
It only shows all of the dash lights on.
I have tried to upload a short video to Youtube but I’m not as clever as a 17 yo St Kilda school girl or millions of other people. (Any suggestions)
IT RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Ron has successfully managed (again) to modify the wiring loom to bring my baby to life! After the loom was done I went to Ron’s and filled the car with oil coolant and fuel.
With the plugs removed, it was cranked over on the starter motor to get the oil pressure up, with plenty of WD 40 sprayed in to lubricate the bores. This time done directly on the starter motor, bypassing all of the loom and ECU’s which may have caused us a problem last time, and then it was time to give it a go.
An initial backfire caused some consternation. We have had trouble determining exactly which is the front or rear cylinder, as the manual is confusing, but Ron was convinced that he was correct having looked at a bike in the showroom.
A little more though, a short squirt of aerostart and bang!
Immediately the engine fired and settled into a nice steady idle.
Not bad for an engine that has been untouched for probably 7 years.
I hope all is well for another seven.
A major step closer now and the job list is shrinking rapidly!
Keen eyes will notice that there is no bodywork on the car in this shot, that’s because its away being painted, so there will be plenty to see in the next update, well I’m excited!
Plan is to drive the car at Calder on a Wednesday practice day in July or August and then run a practice day at Winton on Fri 9 September and a AASA sprint the following Saturday 10 September.
Seven years in the making!

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