Thursday, June 2, 2011

The German Mark IV

Back on the market apparently.
Rob L's trying to find out a price.


Colin said...

I went to see this car and met the owner 2 years ago. He was on the point of moving from near Dusseldorf to somewhere in Southern Austria where he could enjoy his collection of cars. He purchased the Mk 4 to compete in Targa Tasmania and later his daughter used it in an Italian Targa event. Had about a dozen top notch classic and vintage cars of which maybe half were from Australia. As a former migrant to Australia who had returned to Germany in retirement he used to visit old friends in Melbourne regularly and kept in touch with the old car scene there. Was a registered car business in Germany but mainly to comply with local government regulations about number of vehicles on a property. Price for Mk 4 was high to me at EUR38,000 but probably not high compared to his local German classic car prices which did not seem to differentiate between say the Mk 4 and a Porsche 356 or 996 Turbo or Jaguar XK8 Cabriolet or other oldtimers. The rego number was his " Historic Vehicle Number" and was fitted to all his cars at the same time - he was just restricted to using them one at a time on the road. Highly recommend a trip to anyone thinking about going there as he was a good host.

John L said...

Rob writes :-
Hi guys,

I heard back from Axel (great name for a bolwell enthusiast).
The Mk 1V racer is for sale for EU35,000 including a spare gearbox and 'slik wheels' (sic). I am not sure if that means a spare set of wheels with slick tyres or just a spare set of slick tyres.