Sunday, March 14, 2010

New tyres

Bryan has new back tyres on the Mk.7. The old ones were 265/50 x 14. He checked everywhere in Adelaide and couldn't get any. He's fitted 245/60 as a compromise. The 60 profile rubs on the body a bit so he's keen to get back to 50 profile. The closest around is 245/50 but naturally he would prefer 265/50. Can anybody help?


Unknown said...

I found Andrew Priest the Franchisee at Bridgestone Tyre Centres 976 South Road Edwardstown very helpful in sourcing low profile Z rated tyres for my car. email is: and phone 0882937820.
Perhaps like low profile 13" tyres the 14's may now be a difficult size due to lack of demand for them. If he replaces his wheels with 15's in 45 aspect tyre profile or even 16's in 40 aspect tyre profile the choice of tyre and width and various profiles with the needed rolling diameter becomes very much less a problem as most modern family cars run 16's as did many hi performance cars of the past 20 years. 6 months ago I even considered going to 17's due to a vastly superior choice of tyres over even the 16 inch stockies on my car.

John L said...

Chris G says "it might be useful to point out that the SA Club has agreed that to retain historic registration that rim sizes can't exceed 16" and profiles can't be less than 50%. This may save some embarrassment further down the track." For the present, this is not relevant for this Chrysler powered car.

Colin said...

I am sure that all the agreements within the historic registration arena were made in good faith but at the time who could have foreseen that normal tyre sizes would grow to where the basic Falcon would wear 16" wheels. I follow many forums across the car world and the limited tyre selection is getting to be an issue globally.

It is not like the vintage/veteran world where small manufacturers could tool up to produce one or two tyre sizes.

Whole ranges of tyres to suit 13" and 14" wheels are simply no longer manufactured and I note on tyre web sites that 225.60:16 seems to be a now 'standard " tyre size and all the firms who offer complete sets of big wheels and tyres are all talking 18 and 19" sets.

Perhaps another challenge for the historic registration committees in the not too distant future.