Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A couple of Mid-Victorian Mark 4s - (2)

Here's the other one. It's John Goulden's beaut little Mark 4B. It's 1750 Alfa powered. He bought the body and chassis in Shepparton many years ago. The boot was installed earlier. (You'll note Allan's 4 has a boot too.) Does anybody remember Col Moffitt had a Mk.4 body that was similar about 20-25 years ago. It could possibly be the same car.


Paul Ewins said...

I went and had a look at the car not long after John started working on it. At that stage it was down to a bare shell and separate chassis. Interestingly the chassis didn't fit the body that neatly which led me to speculate that it might be a 4B body on a 4A chassis. In any case the end result looks great.

John L said...

I agree. Mind you, Dinky ended up being a 4B body on a 4A chassis.

Colin said...

The scuttle height on Dinky had to be raised to fit the Mk 4B dash and meet the higher bonnet line. The extension is obvious.