Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mark 4s and Mark 6s.

Well, we shouldn't really say Mark 6s should we? Because if they happened to be referred to in plural it would cause a stir across the country. Anyway, Steve Rowley and I were discussing the SR6 the other night and in particular how it evolved. After comparing Mark 5 and Mark 7 bits we decided that they probably started off by messing around with Mark 4 panels. There are similarities in the front around the light recesses and wheel humps and probably the widths are similar but we came to the conclusion that a Mark 4 nose couldn't be adapted to a Mark 6 or vice versa not that you would ever want or need to. In the event of a prang in the SR6 (heaven forbid) there are very nice moulds to take care of that. Anyway, here's a few shots of a 4 and the 6 together to make some comparisons in the flesh.
.....and look at that nose, it's quite short isn't it.

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