Monday, October 29, 2018

3 interesting ads.

46 years ago.
The middle one caught my eye. I do remember a Mark 7 with a six cylinder Alfa motor. Where would that be now? Where would you start looking first? Wagga?

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John L said...

Alfa 2600 powered Mk.7

Dave Cordy recalls "looking at such a beast, for sale and unfinished in Melbourne's eastern suburbs in the late 70s. The engine and box were 'fitted'."
Dave reckons "You wouldn't be able to get your foreskin between the beautiful aluminium sump and the bitumen! Even so, the very tall donk stuck out of the engine compartment a long way! Even with my 70s rose coloured glasses, and the enthusiasm of youth, I just knew this was going to end in tears! Or the back of a dusty garage in Doncaster. Look there if you must." Now I'm not familiar with foreskin thicknesses having surrendered mine in my birth week (the trauma of which explains my mental state) but I'm assuming the thickness of a cigarette paper.