Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Later that afternoon.

After searching Swan Reach for a bank with a ready-teller.......
....to no avail, we headed off to The Bend where the Porsche Club were having a day out. The road from Swan Reach to Murray Bridge is beautiful and follows the river part of the way. It's good for 200 kph (don't ask how I know that) and there wasn't another car on it.
It was raining over there and cold and windy not like Swan Reach where it was just cold. They say it never rains in Swan Reach, a bit like Southern California.

Here's a few cars on the dummy grid waiting to go out.
This weather was awful (what a day to be a flaggie) so we retired to the bar.
And not a bad bar at that and drink prices weren't all that bad. Here's some of the stuff scattered around the place...........
Surprised to see this in one piece, Joss was as reckless as his son.
So we were cosy and they weren't.

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