Sunday, July 1, 2018

On the home stretch.

9 years ago we followed the progress of a very promising Mk.7 project in Queensland, that of Matt Jenkins' whose car had an innovative chassis and suspension built for him by George May. Similar to the work done on Peter Kordic's 7, I think it actually pre-dated Peter's.
Well, things were brought to a halt, as they do, by building a house, having a family, finishing off a Mk.2 Escort project etc. etc. However, this year it's back to it and were it not for a spray painter promising but not delivering, Matt and the car would have joined us at Beaudesert.

Here's what Matt has to say about the progress on his car........
"I was messed around for quite a while by a painter that kept saying he would start soon,...…. 
18 months passed and I was working on a home for a builder when I met the home owner,

we got to talking cars as our type do, and I mentioned I was building a car but had hit a wall due to needing a painter, the owner then said he was a spray painter and had 16 years experience,
He now is a Fly in fly out worker working on oil rigs 2 weeks on and 1 week off, and was keen to do some painting on his week off!

He showed up the following day at 8am ready to get stuck in and brought all his guns and equipment!

The underside was done first in textured Rhino Guard ute liner tinted red,
then the firewall was painted, 
now I am fitting the chassis/ driveline in and getting the whole car wired up before painting the body."

These tilt front Mk.7s (Mks. 4 & 5 copies) are becoming quite popular. First there was Kevin in WA....
......then Pete in SA.......
....but I think Matt beat the pair of them.

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