Monday, July 2, 2018

Another Nagari to the Qld group.

The John Barnett yellow sports, that he has had for many years, has moved North, into the hands of Gordon Ross to share accommodation with the yellow GT40. It goes to show that you can't go without a Nagari for too long once having had one.
As you can see, Gordon has wasted no time whipping that 4.4 litre Leyland V8 out to get stuck into the refurbishing.

This car was built by Richard Windham from scratch using the moulds held at the time by Fibrecar (family connections) before Fibrecar began churning cars out. I guess you could call it the Fibrecar prototype. Bolwell's records were a bit incomplete and there was no name recorded against B8/86 and Richard chose that number to stamp on the car only to find that Bernie Van Elsen's Nagari had that number all along. Here's a photo of it in its early days.

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