Saturday, July 7, 2018

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Justin's Nagari's history is coming together bit by bit. Today he received this letter from a former owner who Justin thought was the first owner and turned out to be the 4th.

Dear Justin,                                                                                                                                                                          
    Must apologize on reply to your April E Mail but was in process of new computer. So nice to see how my Nagari has brought so much joy to so many people.
    No doubt, as with me there were many times of utter frustration and despair trying to make progress.
We can talk for hours on this subject but shortly there were 3 people involved in legal tangle. A Mr. Mac Gill and a Mr. Weston made an agreement with BOLWELL CARS PTY LTD to produce the car locally. 
    They brought a complete car in plus a a body and chassis with doors. bonnet and boot lid. things did not go well between the partners and they broke up. Mac Gill sold the Nagari to a Mr. Loubser but Mr . Weston repossessed the car from him as he was the rightful owner. 
In lieu for all his trouble Mr. Weston signed over to Mr. Loubser the Nagari body and relinquished all claims and rights thereof, this happened in 1972. 
    I met Loubser in early 1973 and he offered the body and parts to me and I contacted Campbell Bolwell and cleared with him [still have copy of letter] they were in no mood to do any business with me as they were very upset with Mac Gill and Weston. 

This was the start of a great journey of tears and frustration after I bought the body etc. from Loubser 
Will follow up with my woes from 1973 to 1979 when I decided just to build up the “car” I had and have at least something for all the effort.
Regards, Harry Roscoe.

Looks like Justin's car was built up from a body/chassis and quite possibly had no I/D. We now know why the proposed South African production facility did not eventuate.

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