Tuesday, January 23, 2018

On to it.

Some time ago I posted this ad from Unique Cars in 1992.....
.....wondering what its history is and where it may be now. A couple suggested it was the one that turned up in NSW with that heavy and hideous curved windscreen that sat on the edge of the bonnet that latest owner, Stacey, has gone to a lot of trouble to remove. Well, that's not the case.
The windscreen on the car in the ad is the give-away and it must be this one here, photographed in 1967......
........and again in 1976.
This car now belongs to Joe Curcio in Victoria and this is how it looked in 2012.
That's almost 6 years ago. I'm sure it's progressed a lot more since these photos. Time for an update I reckon.
Just to add insult to injury to those trying to get CAMS historic logbooks for their Mk.4s, here's something Joe has that they don't.

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david said...

Top photo is an 'A' others are 'B'.
I think I know this car