Friday, January 5, 2018

Bolwell and speedway.

Many of us are aware of this "Nagari" speedway car in the Canberra area in the 80s. In that area there were a number of road car crashes on the highway for some reason. Chris C. was fairly proficient in gathering them up so I would assume that the body panels for this car came from one or more of those.

Down in Tassie, there was a husband and wife team that used identical Nagari super sedans.
There was in Adelaide, a similar car built by Phil Forrestal but I don't recall it making it to a track. I wonder where that is now.

One of the Adelaide Mk.5s made its way to Broken Hill in the 70s or 80s. When we had our Easter up there in 2012, Stacey and Barry used their built in Bolwell magnets to suss it out. It had been used for speedway up there.
I'm sure it could still be had for an offer in the low hundreds.


Anonymous said...

Could the Goulburn car be one of the Tassie ones?

John L said...

The front bumpers are similar.