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That Kiwi Ferrari again.
Graham Guy's Photo from Old NZ Motor Racing.
This is an unbelievable story. The 1960 F1 Ferrari that Phil Hill drove to victory in the Italian GP — a race boycotted by the British teams because it used the high-speed banking to give Ferrari a better chance at winning a race. Bought by Pat Hoare just two months after that victory and the 2.4 litre V6 F1 engine was replaced by a 3.0 litre V12 sports car engine at the factory and sent to NZ. After two seasons — the second more successful than the first — Hoare wanted to upgrade to a 1961/62 "Sharknose" F1 car, again repowered with a bigger engine, but he had to sell his other car first. But it never sold. He advertised in internationally, but it was simply an old, front-engined car that was well past its use-by date. So he had it converted into this ugly, ugly, ugly GT car which was dubbed a GTO, but it looked nothing like a GTO. And please don't tell me it is beautiful. But, in this form it was sold to an Hamilton school teacher Logan Fow. Fow used it around the roads and had Donald McDonald drive it at a speed record attempt on Tram Road near ChCh when Laurence Brownlie drove the McBegg sports car. Fow eventually did a deal with British classic racer Neil Corner as, by now, it was a valuable collectable car. Corner swapped Fow for it by providing Fow with a brand new Ferrari road car — maybe a 308? But Corner didn't want anything to do with the GT body, so it was stripped off the car in ChCh and the original body was also located and it was shipped to the UK where it was turned back into a single seater and repowered by a F1 2.4V6 engine again. The original body was still in ChCh as late as this time last year, but could be bought. It was a bit hush-hush. Logan Fow took delivery of his road car in the UK and had a holiday, driving it around Europe before shipping it home. However, he didn't read the rules properly and when it arrived in NZ he was presented with a customs bill which he refused to pay. Customs seized the car and sold it and Fow got nothing. However, the GP car still races in classic events in the UK.T

Found in Classic Auto News.

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