Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time to wake it up again.

On Gumtree since the middle of last year.

A brand new Bolwell MK 4B sports car body and chassis. This is an opportunity to build your own classic looking 1960's, 2 seater convertible sports car. The Bolwell is front engined, rear wheel drive and suits any 4 cyl or rotary motor. The body is new, straight from the mould, with Coremat strengthening. The light weight tubular chassis is ready for your own suspension or clubman parts. The finished weight of these cars is 500-650kgs and with the power you choose makes for a real high performance vehicle.

There are numerous other parts of Mazda origin and some rose joints for suspension. A great project and a chance to own a Bolwell- "Australia’s True Sports Car"

Note- black/white photo and Nullabour shot is of a finished car.

Further info on the Bolwell MK4 from when this actaul car was displayed at the National Motor Museum.

This is an example of a Bolwell Mk4B showing the bare Fibreglass body and chassis. The chassis is very light, the complete car weighs between 450 -650 kg. Body weight is minimized by the use of full aluminium floor panels, inner guards, and cockpit sides. Fibreglass is used for the front and rear sections, which are hinged at the front and rear of the frame to allow maximum accessibility. These panels are straight from the mould and you can see the marks were the mould has joins in it, these are easily blended out.

Bolwell Cars’ first production vehicle was cleverly named the Mark 4. Campbell Bolwell’s reasoning was that no-one, not even an enthusiast, would want to buy the first “guinea pig” model from any manufacturer. So Mark 4 it was. Colin Chapman, one of Campbell’s heroes, had done a similar thing when naming his production cars.

The Bolwell Mk4 was clearly aimed at motoring enthusiasts with little money but with some mechanical knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm. Design influences for the Mk4 included the Elfin Streamliner and the Lotus 11 As such, the Bolwell Mk4 was designed entirely consistent with Campbell Bolwell’s ideas in relation to low height and good aerodynamics, minimal weight, and balanced front-rear weight distribution.

The chassis was designed to accommodate a range of stock component parts including Triumph Herald front suspension (ie wishbones, anti-sway bar, brakes and wheels) which was quite popular in those days with Lotus and others. It had very good geometry and rack and pinion steering

Price for a new kit ₤198 Number made- ~100 Mk4 body/chassis units, including 12 GT versions.

Engines- Small 4 cyl, however some Grey Holden 6’s were fitted

Information sourced from Bolwell promotional materials and various Road Test articles

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