Sunday, February 5, 2017

1958 Buchanan roadster.

For sale on ebay in Hervey Bay.
Says the seller: “This is a fully restored Buchanan-MG and very rare in this condition. As far as I can ascertain it has never raced, however I do not know its early history except when I bought it the seller (from NSW) said he had purchased it from a seller who said he in turn had purchased it in South Australia. These bodies are a direct copy of the Aston Martin DB3S taken from the competition car of Tom Sulman by Nat Buchanan. In late 1957, as a teenager, I purchased body No. 6 and fitted it to an Austin A40. A great deal of modifications were necessary to adapt the Austin mechanics to the Buchanan body, but are not necessary with an MG. This one has been restored to its former glory, and would no doubt be one of the last remaining with MG running gear.”
“When I purchased this Buchanan the motor consisted of three different size engines. The block was a 1147 cc, and the head was a 1250 fitted with twin SU carbs to suit a 1500. It now has a fully rebuilt 1500 motor with a slightly modified cam plus extractors. The shock absorbers have been converted to telescopic. Traffic indicators fitted. It is now a real head-turner, and is a great car to drive.”

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