Tuesday, February 28, 2017

As promised.

A brief history of Soren Luckins' historic special.

"My uncle (Kerry Luckins) and father (Garnet) built the car in 1962-63 as a hillclimb special. 
Kerry worked at Paul England engineering so had lots of exposure to the latest and greatest and built this car to compete himself.
It runs a supercharged 1500 hillman engine, split-case VW gearbox on a custom tubular frame, bolwell Mk4 front and custom alloy rear.
My dad made the wheel centres, uprights and a range of other magnesium components in fourth form at high school, and they raced it from 63-68 as far as I can tell.

When my uncle went to a nursing home in 2005 I collected the car and have been slowly restoring it since, with the input and guidance of Greg Smith (historic race car engineer in Melbourne).

The car is almost complete, just back from the paint shop and should have its first formal race meeting at Sandown in November, and hopefully a few test days before then.."

It's kinda like another SR6. It'd be nice to see them lined up together at Sandown (along with the Tiga). I wonder if John's coming over for that.

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