Friday, January 22, 2016

Indicator stalk.

Rob Wragg is looking for an indicator stalk for his Nagari B8/47 as the current one is in poor  condition. Part no. is SA 119 Lucas with 2" mounting holes and 7" lever. Someone may have one in their shed.


Keith said...

Approx. 8 years ago I purchased a new Lucas unit from Yesterford in Melb.
email Mike Kirkpatrick at :
or ph. 03 9761 4714, Mob. 0418531251

Anonymous said...

I am not sure exactly which yours is, but there are a few with that part number on ebay in the uk.

John L said...

Pete Schmidt has mentioned that those indicator stalks are available new from Car Builder Solutions in the UK.

A few of the Sth. Aussies have sourced bits for their Mk.7s from there, like wiper motors and arms. Their prices are pretty good and so far delivery has been prompt.