Thursday, January 21, 2016


Remember the Frite? A slant-6 powered Sprite. Here it is at Brooksfield......
.......but you were just as likely to see it at any local dragstrip, circuit race, sprint, rally or even at Krap Canal (Lanac Park). A very quick and versatile little car.


Anonymous said...

Does not look like Brooksfield to me.

No spectator mound and no return road along the fence. And spectator cars too far from track.

Just chased this thru Google - is the Pt Pirie strip.

The Sprite was all over Adelaide at the time.

Imagine getting a stretched sprite fitted with heavy slant six registered these days.

Remember the Elfin Mallala fitted with the mid engined grey that was also street registered?

Great times to be a petrolhead.

John L said...

Yes, my mistake, it's the Coonamia strip.