Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Also on ebay - Williams Special.

 Williams Special historic racing car. The Williams Special was built in Geelong Australia by Ian Williams in 1964. It is a recognized historic race car Group M sports car with certificate of description. Group M class winner at the Phillip Island classic. The car was road registered in the 1960’s and would be eligible for road registration with modification. The entire car was been restored by me a few years ago. Engine is 2.4 litre six cylinder Holden suitably modified for racing and reliability. Gearbox is Riley with a close ration straight cut gear set. Differential is Holden bango type limited slip 3.2 ratio. Brakes are MK3 Zephyr disc front and Holden drum rear with bias balance twin master cylinders. Front suspension is Triumph Herald with coil over adjustable Koni shocks. Rear suspension is A frame and radius rods, coil over adjustable shocks. Frame is a one off square tube space frame aluminum paneled and body is front and rear Bolwell MK4 fibreglass. Total car weight is about 700KG. It currently has good Dunlop racing tyres in line with Group M spec on 13 x 6 steel rims. Dyno sheet shows rear wheel power not flywheel horsepower approximate flywheel horsepower is 150.  Should an overseas buyer be interested I could deliver the car to the Melbourne port or freight forwarder.
For further information call Larry Varley 0419399404

0 bids. Starting price $38,000.00
I recall, all those years ago when I was knocked back on my CAMS logbook application that I should have done what Ian Williams did and called it a "......... special". They missed the point. I was applying for recognition as a Marque (Prod) Sports (75 Mark 5s made) not Group A Sports like Ian's. It was too early for Historic.

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