Saturday, August 22, 2015

World's ugliest Buchanan.

The other day Stacey discovered this ad.
This car has been featured in Bollyblog a couple of times before, onThursday, July 1, 2010 and Monday Sept 9, 2013.

Simon Wells bought it many years ago. The windscreen was from a Mini and the hardtop was made out of the rear half of a Mini roof.
The good news is that he transformed it into this....
Originally, this car was one of the factory Bathurst race cars.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,
More than once I have wished that I kept this car. But then I get over it
At least I can say I have owned a Bathurst race car.
A lot more information on this car and many other Buchanans can be found on the excellent website.
A website like that would be interesting for Bolwells.