Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sprint round 4.

Competing were 4 Bolly members, Peter Mac (Mk.7), Norm Clements (Clemente), Chris Gascoigne (MX5) and Robert Jacobs (Puma clubby) and former member, Ian Duncan, was quickest by far of all of the MX5s.
Ron's 7, Robert's very quick Clubman.
Maybe Pete, you could get a job as a sign-writer.
Timing troubles so not much track time for poor old Norm.
Here's a trend! These Excels are going to outnumber MX5s very soon.
Nice to see some Healeys out and about.
A bit of a sleeper, this one.
Alfas everywhere.
Love this little Mini.
As usual, a couple of VERY fast Dattos.
Another quickie.
The speedy cockroach.
Very noisy MG, must mean business. "The Beast" written across the back.
As the X1/9 owners get more serious, the modifications continue.

And good on the half dozen or so Bolly members who were flaggies for the day.

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Anonymous said...

Norm's other problem is that his steering wheel is up side down.
Just sayin.