Saturday, May 3, 2014


When I first saw this photo I thought "only in America".
Then my mind went back to the big million dollar pile up at AIR in 1983.
Brocky's Monza dropped the tailshaft at the start, spearing him into the wall. This took out a pile of cars including the Richards BMW, Browne's Porsche, Hubbard's Falcon, Trenoweth's Jag and Jolly's Commodore.
Only 10 cars took the restart and Rusty French in the Porsche took the gold in fine Steven Bradbury style.
Remember that?
I recall Brock saying that it was his first major prang in 15 years of racing and if he could go another 15 years before the next one that'd be good. Well, 13 years later he lost his life at Targa West in a replica of the famous Daytona (designed by another Peter Brock).

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