Sunday, May 18, 2014

2004 Noble M12 GTO-3R

Something of a highlight of the McLaren Vale Classic Car extravaganza, while driving along McLaren Vale's main street before turning into Kangarilla Road to find our designated winery, was to encounter a light silver Noble coming the other way. That was the first time I had seen one, probably not surprising as I'm sure there aren't too many in this country.
Anyway, here's what it looked like.
And here is a bit of a description from Sports Car Digest.
British entrepreneur, automobile designer and engineer Lee Noble’s recipe for the ideal sports car started with three simple ingredients that proved massively effective. The first one was clearly the most important, and that was the lightweight skeleton. Next was the power plant, which would generally be a high-powered mill; something capable of powering a small town, preferably. Last but not least was to clothe the featherweight space frame in attractive but highly functional bodywork. Already credited with such epic designs as the Ascari Ecosse and the Ultima Mk1, 2 and 3 (which the TAG-McLaren group famously used as test mules for their mighty F1 road car), Mr. Noble’s recipe would be one that is remarkably simple, but shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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