Sunday, May 25, 2014


Chris Keating (Dr. Keats on 88.6 Plenty Valley FM and 96.5 Inner FM) has been an Australian TV enthusiast for many years and in that time, naturally, has come across some Aussie dramas which featured Nagaris.
Specifically : episode 432 of "Homicide" features the red Nagari sports LKP-666. Episode 205 of "Division 4" features the white coupe LHO-889 and episode 234 features the blue coupe LKO-873.
Obviously Chris has the episodes in question and would be happy to make copies available (possibly without timecodes) to the respective owners, if they'd like. Let me know and I'll pass details on.

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Ross M. said...

John, I would be interested to know what is the chassis no. of the white coupe LHO 889.I recall fitting the driving lights in the front bumper for the first time ,of a white coupe ,for the owner ( Alberto?),along with fitting dark tinted windows at the factory. The reason for the tinting was to obscure the identity of his female passengers as I recall.