Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Trackace Wheel Alignment

I have found this device which does laser wheel alignment, toe in/out only. As this is usually what ends up being adjusted I thought it might be worth a shot, the theory behind it seems very strong. Its very portable so could be used at track days.

Plus I had the whole front suspension out of the Nagari Sports and rebuilt it so was setting up again from scratch.

So I spent my $145, as a normal alignment is $45-$75 and takes 3 hrs by the time you wait at the place! Then tried it on 4 vehicles, 1 had been aligned in the last few 1,000 kms so I was expecting it not to have moved or worn.

Mazda 6, done 2,500kms since last aligned was within 1’ or 0.1mm from the last setting, which equals perfect.

Ford Ranger 4X4 ute, done 11,000km since last aligned, was within 5’ or 0.7mm from the last setting.

So assuming the last settings were as per the work sheet it all seems to make sense and the product works very well. It’s very quick to use, about 3 minutes, which is good as you have to redo it each time you make a adjustment. It also recalibrates ever time its used so each measurement is perfect.

NSX which has done about 16,000km since last aligned was within Front 1.4mm and Back 0.7mm from the last setting. They say it works on 100mm ground clearance, which my standard 1995 NSX is to under the front lip, but I think you can make it work lower than that. They don’t say it will do rear alignment as its not checking with the front for reference (see web page) but it still gives a perfect aft toe reading.

I tried to “trick” the unit by making it read incorrectly but if you follow the instructions, it seems to be nearly idiot proof!

Video of it. It is actually better in real life.

Anyway I found it very useful and quicker than hanging around alignment shops reading old car mags! Plus I know it’s done properly…..

Scott B


John L said...

From Barry.

Just checked your blog >Sounds like a great unit. When I was rallying we used a similar set up but it required a tape measure. Fine for mid rally adjustments. I now have a uni lux laser alligner I purchased years ago and it will be getting a good workout on the Nagari when I get home. The damage from by Easter mishap does not seem to be all that bad just the steeering box and a bent box mounting. It will get a thorough check though. Baz

Anonymous said...

Baz Baz Baz ..what are we to do with you sunshine,