Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brooksfield nostalgia.

A few photos, 2 from Andrew F and 1 from Colin M.
Now you know where all the Topolinos went, although you could say that about humpies as well. At least all the Topolatsos were saved.
This is the John H Ellers push car which, when it wasn't doing its duties at Brooksfield, resided down the back of the West Terrace car yard, the site from where more than one Mark 7 was sold, including the orange one of Norm and Lisa's. I particularly recall that car in its early days for the door window mechanism which consisted of a strap and peg, just like the old bay trams.


Anonymous said...

I always love the cars in the background. EK wagon with mag wheel style wheel trims, lowered and of course spats n curtains or venetians. Looks like the "Tramp" FX E/MS sedan, White brothers channelled 32. the Taperoo S/S Munster and is that Kev Rohlach's HR ute?
In the line up of "gassers' before they were called altereds - Hutcheson's Outlaw to the fore. Later version of this being currently rebuilt -refer to Ozrodder website under "slightly dangerous"
other pic Prentice and Elliott "Exterminator" off against Peter Hines "Munster:
And the Ellers hot rod push car yes it did sit down the back of the car yard and was replete with the usual red back spiders setting up shop when I last looked at it. John was this car Singer based?
Ah the memories, Brooksfield Dragway, sun, wind, dirt and cars n more dust and dirt. Great times in the mid 60's. Col

John L said...

I don't know. It's got an Austin big 7 grille.