Sunday, September 1, 2013

More old Buchanan pics.

This time from the archives of MGCCQ, the home of Mt. Cotton.
Just as I posted this, in came a message from Roo, the Buchanan guru. He's in Oregon, US, and has recently picked up a JPS Esprit.
G'day John,

greetings from the North! Wondered if you can help with a quest I'm on, looking for a Modern Motor magazine from December 1979. It has a roadtest/article of a Lotus JPS Esprit. I've just bought one of the cars and I'm trying to track down articles on them.

Any help much appreciated

If anyone in Australia can help that would be great and check out the above blogsite, that's great too.

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Buchanan Motor Company said...

Car number 7 is the very first Buchanan body built, it looks a bit rough as the first moulds were very poor. Buchanan built a better set which were used for the 150 odd production bodies.

Thanks for listing my request for Modern Motor Dec 1979, have never seen a copy so would be most grateful if anyonce can help.