Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It was really good to catch up with Mike Davidson on the weekend. Mike at one stage owned Nagari B8/58 which, incidentally, featured on our very first calendar in 1977. That car went to NQ and hasn't been heard of down this way since.

Mike, as you know, lives and breathes side valve Ford V8s, has written a number of books on developing the old Ford engines and produces parts including aluminium heads and fuel injection which you can read about at  He has been behind salt lake racing at Lake Gairdner since its inception and this is the first car he took there in 1990....
...where he achieved a best speed of 124.27mph.
His second racer.....
claimed a speed of 176.560mph.
Now he's working on the next car which will feature twin engines in tandem, supercharged, fuel injected, with nitrous oxide, in fact, anything that makes horsepower.
1. This is the mould for the streamlined body.
2. 3/4 view of the rollcage.
3. Rear of chassis showing parachute tubes and rollcage.
4. Steering.
5. Trailing bottom wishbone, disc brakes and air shocks.
6. Toploader 4-speed connected to overdrive unit 47% stepup, oil filters and power brake booster.
7. 4-speed toploader transmission bolted up to thebellhousing, overdrive unit and quickchange rear end.
8. 2 gallon fuel tanl, low pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pump, air tanks, hydraulic steering ram.
9. Overdrive unit before assembly, 47% stepup.
10. The engines.
11. Supercharger and nitrous oxide bottle.
12. Front of front engine.
13. Rear of front engine.
14.front of rear engine.
15. Intercooler- fed by carbon dioxide (total loss system).
16. The engine block D ported and sleeved.
17. Boxed connecting rods and pop-up pistons.
18. Fabricated plenum and 62mm throttle body.
As you can see it's quite a project and with a bit of luck it will be ready for the next big week at the lake early next year. If not, there's always the year after.

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