Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bolwell Skyhawk.

Matthew Chambers is restoring a BS3 Skyhawk Raider. Know what that is? It's a ride, a flight simulator.
He's been looking high and low for any information on the BS3 since he acquired it. It's missing the compressors and power supplies. Does anyone happen to have or know of where he can locate some info about this machine? He's very excited to get it restored so any assistance would be appreciated.

Matthew doesn't have the joystick but does have other components that plug into the board below.
He believes the power supply used to plug into the "base loom" connector but is really just guessing.
Here are some faded old photos of the BS1 Starfighter I had from back when they were being marketed.


Phil said...

I also have found and am trying to restore a BS3. It had sat somewhere where water could run onto it. The right hand controller and rheostats are totally seized. The wires to the speakers and speakers are trashed. Otherwise it is totally intact.
I had to cut and drill all the body connectors to get to the base. It is a slow process due to time I have to devote to it.
I tried to contact the company and the American distributor but no luck.
If you like I will take pics of the compressor and tank with the air distribution lines. Let me know.
Phil Finocchiaro
Southern New Jersey

Anonymous said...

I just bought a bs1 could you send me a picture of the circit board? Anderson-bond@juno.com