Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to get a new Milano roadster body?

Here is Simon Black's JWF Milano at Speedweek this year.
So far this car has run 175mph in licence passes for Simon and Wayne Gower.
This year the team had a slight issue with a broken valve spring, then a lean out that burnt the 4 rear plugs so they returned home early to pull the engine. "There's always next year" says Simon. With a new belly pan, rear diffuser and a driver dome they are hoping to top the 205mph set by former Nagari man, Mike Davidson in this car. They'll also install an air dam under the front for next year, to push the air around the front wheels.
Simon would like to find a new body for the Milano. They could take a mould from the existing body but it is too modified. Simon wants to start with an original body again. I know that more than one body mould exists including one in South Australia. Does anyone know of a JWF Milano body mould? Failing that, is there anyone out there with a bare body that they would be willing to allow a mould to be taken from?

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Ken Moore said...

alan morrin of morebank nsw had a new mould made for the bruce leer car in the late 80's by a chap on nsw central coast named Reg ?