Saturday, March 2, 2013


Proposed hoon laws in WA. Yet another state panicking about dangerous driving. Panic produces irrational methods to solve the problem. Here's a letter from Stacey to his fellow sand groper Bolly members :-

hi all,
In W.A, I am on a face book page called steel bumper car cruises. Also associated is Grunt files on fb from the Eastern states.
A lot of effort at the moment is the new proposed so called hoon laws, by BOTH parties. One that will impact is that more that 5 cars going in the same direction will be in the proposed law. one offence = cars impounded, also to loud = car impounded. no 2 or 3 offences, but one. this is actually in the proposed laws by both parties!
There have been representives from steel bumpers going to both parties on the ridiculous nature of these laws.
consider it....
when we all cruise for a cause,,,(the amount of money raised for charity is enormous) will be caught up in this legislation.
Weddings, funerals will be unintendedly caught up in this law and so will All national meeting's held in w.a.' thus affecting every country town that these events are held bringing in thousands of $ to the economy of that town.
For us (the Bolwell car club) we have had national meetings at Bridgetown and this year at Albany. When we have gone east, we know the amount of national meeting's held across the country by all car clubs.
If it gets thro here, it will be picked up oz wide!   
Australia is becoming a nanny and kill joy country. 
We all need to make it known to all politicians how stupid this is becoming. 
We all need to contact our politicians and put our point across NOW.
For those of you on face book, grunt files (a site set up to protect the car enthusiasts rights) has a generic letter that takes 5 min to copy. They also have a list of politicians in your area to send it to.
Please take this seriously as it is happening. The delegation that has been set up has already seen both party's and has put these points across.
 One problem has been the media that never puts across good news car story's,,,just hoon ones that a lot automatically think every car enthusiast is. We know that is not the case, and we need to put this across in no uncertain manner.
Get off your arses and act....
stacey, bolwell car club president, w.a

Here in SA we had a similar situation when the state government tried to act on outlaw bikie gangs and rendered it illegal for more than 3 or 4 motorcycles or motorcyclists to be in the one place at the one time. This had a major impact on law abiding friends going for a ride together or going for a coffee even. It even made the annual toy run illegal. If I remember correctly these laws were successfully challenged in court and the government were back to the drawing board.

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