Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Honda S600s

Last month Colin Mc commented on my post about Jim's new acquisition, the Honda S600. He tried to bring up photos of S600 roadsters that he's owned but it didn't work. Here's the pictures. Firstly an S600 with 2 litre Ford, then an original engined S600 but with S800 grille and finally an S600 with Datsun 1400cc power. Engine upgrades on the tiny S600 were common.
In the very early days of the SA Bolwell Club  we did have one of  these little Hondas in our midst as Austin Healey and Mk 7 owners , the Duncans, up at Norton Summit, also had a ProdSports Honda.
Here's a coupe that was on eBay in Sydney last week.
Finally, talking about Production Sports Cars, check out this little beauty (via Gimmi and Tamerlane).
And while chain drive is on my mind, here's Archie Frazer Nash flat out in his GN (an abbreviation of Godfrey and Nash).
Archie went on to produce cars under his own name which were chain driven right into the thirties. Owners and enthusiasts of these cars were called "The Chain Gang".
Of course, at the beginning of the 20th century, chain drive was commonplace.

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