Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rick's Mark 7.

The photo below is of Rick Wallace taking one of his young sons for a ride around Glenelg in his newly acquired Mark 7.
That was 25 years ago. Not long after that he took it off the road to restore. How do I know it was 25 years ago? Well, have a look at this...........
This gala event, organised by his sons, now grown up, left home and family men themselves, was planned and invitations sent out before the car was actually finished. This meant that work became cranked up to fever pitch to meet the deadline. Fellow club members rallied to the cause and pitched in, just as Rick had done, along with everybody else, on Peter and Dino's cars, and they just made it. I'm not saying that the paint was still wet on the night, but it was pretty close. Talking of paint, one snag that arose was that the spray painter let Rick down at the last minute, so the car ended up getting painted on the back lawn just days before the 20th. Anyway, here it is in all its glory.
This car sports a Lloyd Clonan chassis and suspension and with its 302 Windsor and 5 speed, should be a bit of a rocket.
The rear hatch turned out great.
The hinges are effective as are the props and there won't be the problem of drooping struts later.
The modern windscreen method looks good too.
Here's a way of me getting into my own pictures.
The very tidy engine bay.
......and the V8.
The tail lights are like new ones.
The extractor vents are early Crown too aren't they?
They were fitted by the original builder, Jim Richards. No, not Jum, but Dr. Jim Richards (doctor of warmongery at WRE). They weren't entirely put back just to fill the holes. The flow through ventilation is good too.
In addition to the Coopers Pale, the Mk.7 was welcomed in with Wallace Shiraz and the Bolwell Cab. Sav.
Out the front, some notable cars were Ron's, Wayne's, Roger and Lynne's and Scott and Julie's.
Wayne's Birkin is also a joy to behold. He's done a beautiful job on that. In a relatively short space of time too.
Meanwhile, across the Nullabor, another Mark 7 reaches registration.

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