Monday, January 14, 2013

More progress on the yellow Mk.4

I'll let Stacey tell you.

One side mostly done, other cut away, before I decided to call it a the plasma cutter. Thanks to Eddie for the steel plate . One day it will be done. Every corner there is drama...recon I would have had the Buchanan nearly done with all I have done with this .
Stacey , they pres who won't do a four again.

Plus he's after a couple of bits.

hi all,
I am after a mk1 cortina/anglia (pre cross flow) inlet manifold-either original GT weber downdraft or twin side draft dcoe manifold.
much appreciate if anyone can aid this poor ol mk4 builder.
stacey, weld weld.grind grind,plasma plasma cut etc etc prez


hi all,
this little monkey wants a cortina 2000e gearbox please. damn well hard to find one. need it for the internals to swap (baz wonderful guru of this) to the mk1 gearbox.
any leads etc very muchly appreciated
stacey-the prez in need of speed

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