Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nagari coupe body on eBay in Newcastle


degruch said...

Hey buddy, can ya spare a Nagari chassis and motor for a potential Bolwell owner who's down on his luck?

John L said...

G’day John

A bit more info for you re Nagari shell in Newcastle.

Sometime ago there was a sport with a chev engine for sale in Newcastle. I believe this shell is the original body from that chassis. The bloke that owns the shell is in the MG car club in newie and last time I spoke to him the Nagari was on the gunna list. He was gunna get his son , who is a boilermaker, to fabricate a new chassis for it. I’ve never seen the shell but from what he told me I got the impression it was pretty rough.


Peter m

John L said...

The last I saw of Rohan's list of chassis numbers no.116 had whereabouts unknown written alongside it.46

John L said...

Not one bid. Must be too dear.