Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News from Vic (Victor not Victoria).

On the car front, I have it back from the trimmers, and the windows go in this Thursday. I then have to finish off the bits and pieces. The main thing I am not happy about is the way the doors fit. When I went to mount the rubbers, they have held the tops of the doors out abit too much. I did not do anything to the doors other than minor  repairs. The body of the doors fit well, but the top frame sits out because of the rubbers. I could modify the rubbers, but I like the idea of them being waterproof!!! I noticed that virtually every nagari door that I looked at at eastern creek had the same or similar problem (if they used rubbers). Is there anything that can be done about it??? I am doing what I can to improve it, but considering how the rest of the car looks, I don't like it. I am very happy how the rest of the car looks.
I will send you some shots when the windows are in,
regards Vic

See attached pictures. I took it for the first reasonable drive last weekend, and it went well.  I fitted the brake kit also, and it is now good, although initially the caliper was hitting the top wishbone, so I had to make a spacer between the top balljoint and the wishbone (as advised by the supplier). Brakes work well, like they are supposed to. They should work consistently if used repeatedly, due to the size of them.
One of the pictures shows an under floor wheel well, which holds a space saver wheel (volvo) and jack etc. The S/S fuel tank is mounted below that.
 The wedding of my daughter is this weekend, so I will be taking her to the church in it.
regards Vic

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