Monday, November 7, 2011

More local products at Tallangatta

Yes, I'd even venture to suggest this Morris Commercial LC5 was put together here. It'd save bringing them over from the UK.
I used to have an LC3, a remnant from my da's milk round. Being older, it stood much taller on much larger diameter wheels and the headlights stood on pods. Midland Motors gave me a clean swap for a stock as a rock 1935 Ford V8 roadster, one of the nicest cars I've ever had.
When I worked at Chrysler Australia they used to make utes similar to this at the Finsbury truck plant, albeit without the big donk and blower.
Here's some products from the big 3 from the good old days.
Another locally built Ford, a 1957 Customline.
But being a coupe, this old fella was probably from as far afield as New Zealand. (Not so the caravan).

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