Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kapunda - week 38

Ute city on a Friday night. Main Street, Kapunda. About an hour ago.
A very smart looking HR ute. HR utes still used the old HD tail lights, just as the EH ute still used the EJ tail lights and FB and EK utes still had the FE/FC tail lights.
Stretched limos around this way, you could count them on one hand. Stretched utes, maybe a different story.


Art said...

That looks like a standard long wheel base Commodore ute to me.

Anonymous said...

Holden never built them in long wheelbase, they were all modified by Jakab in Tamworth to be used as ambulances, theyre 600mm longer. Jakab also did the extended VN-VS sedans with the higher roofs to be used as wheelchair taxi's. The ute pictured is one of the Jakab cars with the Patient Transport Capsule removed