Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who was Australia's first full time professional racing driver?

Well, the answer is Melbourne's Joan Richmond.
There's a book coming out very soon. I wonder if Beven will stock it.
Hope so.


David said...

Where can you get the book?

John L said...

Click on VINTAGE FIBRE RESTORATIONS in the links, then click on NOSTALGIA, then click on the picture of Joan with all her trophies. You'll find details there.

Anonymous said...

The Pitstop Bookshop ,Perth.
I bought mine online 10pm tues Melb,is was deleiverd 1pm thurs less than48 hours, the week before Christmas.
I'm lucky, I grew up with her next door, she used to take us on trips during school holidays. I knew her story and I'm excited about having time to read her book. thank you David Price.